Ultimate Miracle
Album by Queen
Released 2004
Recorded 1988-1989
Length 78:20 / 70:19
Format 2 CD
Producer(s) Digital Queen Archives

Queen Album Chronology
Preceding ()
This Album Ultimate Miracle (2004)
Succeeding Secret Fantasy (2005)

Ultimate Miracle is a bootleg album with tracks from The Miracle and demos[1].

Track listingEdit

Disc OneEdit

All tracks taken from Officially released records.

  1. The Miracle  (UK mix)
  2.  I Want It All  (US mix) 
  3.  The Invisible Man  (12" remix) 
  4.  Breaktru  (12" remix)
  5.  Scandal  (12" remix)
  6.  The Miracle  ('Hollywood' mix)
  7.  I Want It All  (7" version)
  8.  Hang On In There  (b-side)
  9.  Breaktru  (7" version)
  10.  Stealin'  (b-side)
  11.  The Invisible Man  (7" version) 
  12.  Hijack My Heart  (b-side)
  13.  Scandal  (7" version)
  14.  My Life Has Been Saved  (b-side)  
  15.  I Want It All  (instrumental)
  16.  The Invisible Man  (instrumental)
  17.  Breaktru  (instrumental)
  18.  Chinese Torture  (b-side)

Disc TwoEdit

Remixes, out-takes and demos.

  1. A New Life Is Born  (demo) 
  2.  My Baby Loves Me  (demo)
  3.  I Want It All  (instrumental remix) 
  4.  Hang On In There  (demo)
  5.  I Guess We're Falling Out  (demo, un-released song) 
  6.  Stealin'  (demo, long version 11:44)
  7.  To Much Love Will kill You  (demo w/Freddie) 
  8.  Piano piece  (demo work)
  9.  Dog With A Bone  (un-released track)
  10.  Hijack My Heart  (demo)
  11.  New York New York  (from 'Highlander' movie)
  12.  Tavaszi Szei  (studio rehearsal)
  13.  The Miracle  (demo work)
  14.  The Invisible Man  (demo work)
  15.  I Want It All  (demo work)
  16.  The Hitman  (demo work w/Brian on vocal)
  17.  Scandal  (demo work)
  18.  Hang On In There  (instrumental remix)
  19.  Khashoggis Ship  (instrumental remix)
  20.  Chinese Torture  (instrumental remix)
  21.  I Want It All  (instrumental remix  4:43)
  22.  Was It All Worth It  (instrumental  1:59)
  23.  Party  (instrumental mix  1:38)
  24.  Party  (instrumental mix no.2, 1:39)
  25.  Was It All Worth It  (instrumental intro 0:38)
  26.  Breaktru  (instrumental mix 2:06)
  27.  The Miracle  (instrumental mix)



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