Slightly Mad
Album by PiotreQ, Queen
Released 02/02/2012
Format MP3, FLAC
Genre Remix
Producer(s) PiotreQ

Slightly Mad is a remix album by PiotreQ.[1]

Track listEdit

  1. I'm Going Slightly Mad (Mad Hybrid Remix)
  2. We Will Rock The Revolution (Mash-up) [Queen vs T
  3. Modern Times Rock'n'Roll (Mash-up)
  4. Khashoggi's Ship (Quirky Remix)
  5. Now I'm Here (Remix)
  6. Heaven For Everyone (Hybrid Remix) [Roger on Vocals] [Queen vs The Cross]
  7. The Invisible Man (Hybrid Remix)
  8. Another One Bites The Radio Clash (Mash-up) [Queen vs The Clash]
  9. Don't Stop Me Now (Live Remix)

Bonus tracks

  1. Heaven For Everyone (Hybrid Remix) [Freddie on Vocals] [Queen vs The Cross]
  2. The Invisible Man (Hybrid Extended Remix)
  3. Don't Stop Me Now (Piano & Vocals Remix)
  4. Now I'm Here (Confused Remix)



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