Sheer Heart Attack
Album SheerHeartAttack
Album by Queen
Released 8 November, 1974 (UK)
Recorded Trident Studios
Air Studios
Rockfield Studios
Wessex Studios
Length 39:09
Format 12",8T,CS,CD
Genre Glam Rock, Hard Rock
Label EMI, Parlophone (UK)
Elektra, Hollywood (US)
Producer(s) Queen, Roy Thomas Baker

Album Chronology
Preceding Queen II (1974)
This Album Sheer Heart Attack (1974)
Succeeding A Night at the Opera (1975)

Sheer Heart Attack is the third album by Queen, first released in November 1974.

Track ListingEdit

Side One

Side Two


  1. 2 - UK (1974)
  1. 12 - US (1974)
  1. 6 - Canada (1974)
  1. 23 - Japan (1974)
  1. 9 - Norway (1974)
  1. 19 - Australia (1974)


  • Killer Queen launched Queen to mainstream popularity, both in the UK, and internationally.
  • Digressing from the progressive themes featured on the first two albums, this album featured more conventional rock tracks, and marked a step towards the classic 'Queen sound'.

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