Queen II
Album QueenII
Album by Queen
Released 8 March, 1974 (UK)
Recorded Trident Studios
Length 40:42
Format 12",8T,CS,CD
Genre Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, Glam Rock
Label EMI, Parlaphone (UK)
Elektra, Hollywood (US)
Producer(s) Queen
Robin Geoffrey Cable
Roy Thomas Baker

Album Chronology
Preceding Queen (1973)
This Album Queen II (1974)
Succeeding Sheer Heart Attack (1974)

Queen II is the second album by Queen, first released on March 8, 1974.

Track ListingEdit

Side White (Side One)

Side Black (Side Two)


  1. 5 - UK (1974)
  1. 49 - US (1974)
  1. 40 - Canada (1974)
  1. 19 - Norway (1974)


  • The two sides of the original LP were labelled Side White and Side Black, instead of the conventional sides "A" and "B". These corresponded with photos of the band dressed in white or in black on either side of the record's label face.
  • The album is considered a loose concept album, with the white side having songs with a more emotional theme, and the black side almost entirely about fantasy, often with quite dark themes.
  • Mick Rock's album cover photograph was frequently re-used by the band throughout its career, most notably in the music videos for Bohemian Rhapsody in 1975, and One Vision in 1985.
  • The album's completion coincided with the 1973 oil crisis, and consequently, government-enforced measures for energy conservation delayed its manufacture by several months.
  • When the first pressings arrived in record shops, there was a spelling error on the sleeve (John Deacon's name had been misprinted as Deacon John, as it had been printed on the previous album), and the band had to complain persistently to correct it.
  • The album has gained exceptional praise from artists such as Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses, Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins, and guitarist Steve Vai.

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