Invincible (by Kacio)
Album by Kacio, Queen
Released 2012
Format MP3
Genre Remix
Producer(s) Kacio

Invincible is a remix album by Kacio released in 2012.[1]


Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love 'Longer Version' (by Kacio)03:19

Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love 'Longer Version' (by Kacio)


Disc OneEdit

  1. Death On Two Legs 'Darkness Mix' (by Kacio)
  2. I Want It All 'Special Mix' (by Kacio)
  3. Another One Bites The Dust 'Special Mix' (by Kacio)
  4. Thunder Song (by Kacio)
  5. Guitar Solo (by Kacio)
  6. The Prophet's Song 'Short 2012 Mix' (by Kacio)
  7. Long Away '2012 Mix' (by Kacio)
  8. Rock Medley (by Kacio)
  9. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 'Longer Version' (by Kacio)
  10. We Will Rock You 'Real Drum Mix' (by Kacio)

Disc TwoEdit

  1. One Vision 'Vision Mix' (by Kacio)
  2. Stone Cold Crazy 'Mix' (by Kacio)
  3. Brighton Rock 'Reprise' (by Kacio)
  4. Little 70's Medley (by Kacio)
  5. You're My Best Friend 'Mix' (by Kacio)
  6. Now I'm Here 'Special Cut Mix' (by Kacio)



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