Hot Tracks
Album by Queen
Released 2004
Recorded 1981-1982

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This Album Hot Tracks (2004)
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Rare demo recordings from 'Hot Space' session in 1981 ~ 82. 2 demo tracks with David Bowie. Some officially maxi versions etc, is also included.

Track listingEdit

  1.  Staying Power  (demo)
  2.  Action This Day  (demo)
  3.  Life Is Real  (demo)
  4.  Las Palabras De Amor  (demo)
  5.  Feel Like  (demo, early version of 'Under Pressure'. Studio jam with David Bowie on piano)
  6.  Cool Cat  (demo version with David Bowie on backing vocal)
  7.  Staying Power  (12inch version)
  8.  Back Chat  (12inch version)
  9.  Body language  ('Hollywood' bonus  remix 1991, from cd)
  10.  Staying Power  (12inch US promo extended version)
  11.  Soul Brother  (b-side single only)
  12.  Under Pressure  (KEWB radio with Brian plugged 'live' in the studio 1993)
  13.  Under Pressure  (US classic Queen cd)


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