Don't Stop Me Now
Single by Queen from Jazz
Released 26 January 1979
Length 3:29
Genre Rock
Label EMI, Elektra
Writer Freddie Mercury
Producer(s) Queen and Roy Thomas Baker

Single Chronology
Last single Bicycle Race / Fat Bottomed Girls (1978)
This single Don't Stop Me Now (1979)
Next single Jealousy (1979)
Last track Leaving Home Ain't Easy
This track Don't Stop Me Now
Next track More of That Jazz

Don't Stop Me Now was made by Queen in 1979. Freddie Mercury wrote the song and lyrics to this song and was recorded in August/September 1978 in Nice, France.

Personnel Edit

Freddie Mercury - Piano, Lead Vocals, backing vocals
Brian May - lead guitar backing vocals
John Deacon - bass
Roger Taylor - drums, backing vocals

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Lyrics :


I'm gonna have myself

a real good time.

I feel aliiiiive,

and the world

turning inside out

and floating around

in ecstasy. So

don't stop me now.

Don't stop me 'cause

I'm havin' a good time,

having a good time.

I'm a shooting star

leaping through the sky,

like a tiger, defying the laws

of gravity.

I'm a racing car passing by

like Lady Godiva.

I'm gonna go, go, go.

There's no stoppin' me.

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